Video Time Capsules

I started making films of my family when my daughter was almost a year old. I tried to remember how her laugh compared to my older son’s laugh, how her words sounded in relation to his at that age, and I realized I couldn’t remember. I knew I loved the way his little belly laugh made me so happy but I couldn’t actually remember how it sounded. And I knew he was learning to say “I love you” when he was nearly two, but I missed hearing his tiny sounding voice saying such big words. So I started making family films of my family so I would never miss those sounds again.


Beauty of the Everyday family films are a minimum of 5 hours of shooting, usually your favorite part of the day. You’ll be able to relive this beautiful time of your life by watching a 4-5 minute video set to music. You’ll still receive some still images (approximately 20) but the focus will be on video. You can download your video directly from online and you’ll also receive a $50 print credit

Glimpse in the Life family films allow for 2-3 hours of shooting, approximately 10 still images, a digital download of your video and 2-4 minute video of some of your family’s favorite activities.