Documentary Sessions

Were there ever any moments you
wish you could live in forever?

The quiet of breastfeeding and the sweet moment of eye contact between the two of you. The big belly laughs during a session of bubble blowing. That afternoon of baking cookies together that was a total disaster but so much fun. The way they always curl their toes during stories. Naptime cuddles you wish could last all afternoon. The cape they refuse to take off. Or the way they always reach for you for a cuddle when they’re scared.

You know these moments are so important to you. You might be busy with all of life’s little chores – dishes, supermarket errands, laundry – but you know that life is everything that happens in between all those things, and sometimes during those things.

You know that these moments are fleeting so you savor them and love them.

The beauty of documentary

Documentary sessions are for families who want a fully documentary session – nothing posed, nothing directed. Just the purity of their life in that moment captured on camera… There is a lot of love in these sessions, as well as a lot of laughter and silliness. The moments may be more subtle but the personality is definitely there. The images are more than snapshots – they are time capsules of who you are now!

Some families worry there isn’t enough to photograph. But there is. There are so many subtle moments throughout the day where we show our love, our personalities, and the ways we relate to each other. We give our kids kisses on their booboos, the quick pat on the head, the way we laugh at silly things together. Sometimes the love is in the yawn after an exhausting day – but we are still reading all three books before bed and tucking everyone in. Sometimes it’s in the quick hug big brother gives to his little sister when no one is watching.

These sessions are typically done in the home but can also be done out and about at the park, in the yard, or at a special event (ice cream date, anyone?). The great thing about these sessions is they’re not limited by weather! If anything, crazy weather can only enhance it!


Beauty of the Everyday are full day sessions that document a whole day! These average 12 hours, include up to 200 digital downloads and a $50 album credit. Albums are a great way to tell your story year after year.

Glimpse in the Life sessions average 4 hours of shooting, and allow for your favorite part of the day to be documented. The digital download includes a minimum of 100 edited images. Also includes a $50 print credit.

Storytelling sessions are great for newborns/Fresh 48, Mommy and Me, and favorite activities you want documented. These packages include a digital download and 1-2 hours of shooting.

 Book early for a slot as I only take on 2-3 of these a month!