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Want to do more than just iPhone pictures?

So many parents out there bought the nice fancy camera.  A beautiful new Nikon or Canon or Fuji. But only a small smattering of people have the time to learn how to use it.

I get it.

It’s overwhelming.  As parents we barely have time to poop by ourselves or brush or own hair let alone read a manual. And let’s face it,  manuals are about as exciting as watching watercolor dry (yes,  my toddlers have asked me to do that so I personally know).

But what if you could take a class that could help you not just have more confidence with the camera but also feel proud of your images? We won’t be sitting in a sterile classroom staring at white walls and tile ceilings.  We’ll spend some time learning the technical stuff and then we’ll get some practice TOGETHER. I’ll be there to help you with any questions you have as you do hands on learning.

Things we’ll study:


-the various programs

-lens specifications

-navigating your menu and what the terms mean (I’m a Nikon user just a heads up but I can help you figure it out)


-practicing each program

Did you know

We are raising the most photographed but least printed generation? Do more than just take iPhone pictures. Take pictures with your big-kid camera and you are more likely to PRINT those. And your family WANTS printed images – don’t you?


Spokane Photography Class

We’ll meet over the course of two days. The first day (a Monday unless the class as a whole prefers another day) we’ll talk all that techie geeky stuff  – things about your camera (what all those letters mean) and we’ll look closer at lenses and why they matter. We’ll discuss all the fundamentals of taking a picture and then we’ll set time to practice. We’ll meet back up again at the end of the week (Friday) for further questions, sharing small victories, a critique for those who really want to challenge themselves, and further practice!

I only take five students at a time to make sure I can answer every question in our allotted time together (one hour each day cause I know everyone has errands to do).

Two hours over two days to get the freedom of being able to document your family – introductory price of $99 before it goes up to $129.

October course is October 23/27

Or November 6/10!