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Remember walking through the grocery store with a crying baby in your carrier, telling your toddler to put the beer back on the shelf cause “IPA is not a toy”, wondering how your ten-year old was ever this small and wishing she could be this small again? ME TOO. 

You’re too tired to fully appreciate your inquisitive tot and your darling baby but you know life is good, even though you might pass out in the bread aisle. And then you run into that little old lady that reminds you how fast it all goes and she tells you to savor it? You kind of want to punch her in the gut but you also know she’s right.  And you think, “So how do I savor it?

THIS. Documentary family photography is how you savor it. 

My job is to hang out with you, your family, your partner (who will actually dig this type of session) and I photograph your day, as you guys are, so you can go back and savor this time whenever your want.

Pictures are more than images – they are time capsules.

“The days are long but the years are short.”

As a parent, life often goes by in a blink. We want to slow down and take it all in but that can be difficult. Photography can help capture our lives and give us an opportunity to relive these phases. This is photography that helps you remember the things that matter – the little things, who they really are, what they’re really like at this age. 

My job is to spend time with you and your family documenting your life so you can enjoy these pictures as your family grows and changes. The sessions are pretty simple – we find a day that works and I come and hang. No special adjustments needed.


Don’t wait until your baby is a toddler before you realize, you can’t remember what she was like as a baby. Don’t wait until your toddler is in kindergarten and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to always have your little buddy with you. Don’t wait until your kids are in high school before you realize you’re never in photos with them.
Get them photographed now. Get yourself in the photos with them. Let’s have a photo session that allows you to all be yourself.
I want to make sure you have photographs that show you your family, your real (silly, funny, chaotic, loving) family. 

What other moms and dads are saying

C Family

Margaret is such a sweet soul. My family loved having a laid back session at our home. It was all smiles, chaos, and laughter. She did a wonderful job interacting with the children and made all of us feel as though she were just a part of the tribe. I highly recommend her.

R Family

It’s hard to understand how special having these photos is until you have them. Margaret’s photos captures this phase in our life that we never want to forget: having a young child and a baby. It’s a crazy, messy, emotional, exhausting, and joyful time and her emotive images captures it in a way that pictures we snap never could. I could see doing these every couple years. These are already so special to us and I know the value is only going to grow year after year. If you’re on the fence, I am positive you will not regret doing them.

A Family

I do not possess enough words to say just how stunning, moving, and captivating Margaret’s photos are. When I opened the link she sent me of our family photos, I was smiling, reflecting on the moments captured. Before I knew it I was weeping. They are truly magnificent. Everyone should have the opportunity to have photos this stunning, at least once. Thank you for your work.

C Family

We love the photos Margaret has taken of our family! She was able to capture the personalities of our kids so well and we will treasure these pictures forever! They are such a perfect snapshot into this moment in our lives with young kids. Her style is so emotive and real! She is an amazingly talented photographer!

T Family

Margaret is great to work with. She photographed our wedding in San Francisco, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and quality of photos. We will treasure those photos for many years! Thanks, Marge. You’re the best!

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