“I do not possess enough words to say just how stunning, moving, and captivating Margaret’s photos are. When I opened the link she sent me of our family photos, I was smiling, reflecting on the moments captured. Before I knew it I was weeping. They are truly magnificent. Everyone should have the opportunity to have photos this stunning, at least once. Thank you for your work.” – G.A.

Documenting Life

is my passion

Spokane Photographer
Why do we photograph our lives? Everyone's why is unique, but at the core they're all the same. Because we want to remember. Because documenting a moment gives us an amazing ability to relive that moment. When you look at a picture, you can hear the sound of your child's laugh again, you can remember just how small she really was, you can smell the summer air in her hair again. Pictures are more than images - they are time capsules.
Let's customize a session for you, documentary or lifestyle. Let's create art for your family today - and for your family to enjoy for all the todays to come.
Images that matter to you now and in twenty years from now.
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