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- Bye Daddy...

- Does everybody have to go? Don't they have to agree?
- He did agree.
- What? Why?

"Dad you are the best at everything."

- I can't sleep. I miss Daddy.

- Is that Dad's plane?
- No, Dad's plane is far away.

- Where did Dad go?
- Afghanistan.
- Is there a war? Is he really fighting people?

- Mom, you and I are buddies right? And Dad's our buddy too. But I miss him. I hope he comes home safe and sound.

- It's taking forever. He missed Christmas.

- Will Dad be here tomorrow?

Happy New Year!

- Mom what if something breaks? And Dad can fix it but you can't.

- Mom, I'm done waiting.
- For what?
- For Dad to get home.

- How much longer?

- I can't remember how it feels to have Daddy home.
- Me too. I forgot how he eats and how he breathes and how he farts.
[ laughter]

- Mom, guess how far Afghanistan is?
- Mm, really far.
- 14,000 miles!
- Wow that's really far. Did you learn that at school?
- Yeah, I'm doing a research project on Afghanistan.

- Guess what.... Daddy comes home today.
- What? Today?! Right now?! Yay!

- I'm super happy you're home.
- I'm very happy I'm home too.

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