Auggie and Retinoblastoma

When I walked into the house, he greeted me right away. Full of jubilance, he and his sister jumped up and down and asked if I was there to take pictures. I said, “Yes! Is that okay?” And then they ran around screaming and laughing so I think it was okay.

Most of my clients know how precious and awesome life is. That’s why they hire me. Auggie and his family know first-hand what that means. When Auggie was only four months old, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, the same cancer his mother had as a child.

But he’s been incredibly brave, going to doctor visits and treatments for the last few years. It is incredible how much he has been through in his short life. But all he wants to do is celebrate his birthday Daniel Tiger style.
It’s all about the simple things.

Anyways, I asked his parents if they would be willing to share their story. Here is what his mom, an amazingly courageous person and fighter herself, wrote:

Auggie’s Story

It was an early Sunday morning and our family was preparing for church. My husband was in the shower and I was getting the kids ready.

I had walked downstairs and was looking at our beautiful four month old baby boy. As I reached the bottom steps the light from our skylight had hit his eyes just right for me to see the glow. I remember the feeling of my world crumbling and my heart being so, so, heavy.

As I rushed back upstairs and ran into the bathroom where my husband was showering, I just began bawling. I remember all I could do was blurt out “HE HAS IT!”. My poor husband must have had water in his ears or was just so relaxed from being in the shower, he couldn’t understand what I was saying and asked “What?! What are you talking about?” Franticly I said “He has it. He’s got Retinoblastoma.”

My husband being the rock he is replied “He’s not ours but the Lord’s. It will be alright.” I walked back downstairs and stared into our boys precious eyes and through sobs I told him, “I’m going to be by your side through it all. I’m right here and we will get through this. I love you so much. God is going to be with you through it all.”

August 2nd, 2016, at four months old, he was diagnosed with Stage 4, Group D, Bilateral Retinoblastoma with complete retina detachment in his left eye. The doctor just kept repeating “He’s got real bad diseases.”


We walked out of the hospital that day with the most faith I have ever experienced in my entire life. Cameron and I know God’s word and how He speaks about having even the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. We truly believed in the power of God and that no matter what was to come through all this it was His will. Our sweet Auggie has bravely undergone 4 rounds systemic chemotherapy,4 rounds IAC, and 2 rounds IVC. Each treatment he handled so well and that just showed me that the good Lord was hearing our prayers over our man cub warrior. He has had two miraculous healing as well as relapsed twice.


After two years of fighting, he is now coming to what we are all hoping and praying for. REMISSION! This battle has brought our family through many obstacles other than just the cancer itself. After four months of his battle, our family walked into a financial spiral and had no choice but to leave our beautiful townhouse home and move into a 21 square foot 1990 Winnie RV.

Our family lived in what we called “The Hephalump” for 9 dreadful months. Towards the end of our life in The Hephalump, our world became even more humbling as we neared divorce. My husband and I call that time in our marriage “Jonah and the Whale”. The fact we hit rock bottom and can still love each other like Ricky and Lucy shows the Lord’s compassion for our family and marriage. We are so blessed by what our son’s journey has done to our family. It has taught us what true faith, trust, and the true meaning of family is.

We are so blessed by what our son’s journey has done to our family. It has taught us what true faith, trust, and the true meaning of family is.

Micah, momcologist

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