When Harry was younger, I put him in a swing thinking he would love it. He lasted all of two swings before he wanted off. I thought Eleanor would be the same. But, as she does in every other fashion, she proved me wrong and showed how different she is from her older brother. I’m always surprised by how different the two are from each other but I love it. It makes me all the more excited to see who they become as they get older.

I want to put up some more pictures of the kids that are significant of who they are now. And Eleanor on the swings was so perfect. She’s always been right at home on the swings. She laughed so hard when she first sat in one when she couldn’t even walk and she continues to every time. She begs every time we pass a park for the ‘wings! so it only made sense to take photos of her on them.

daddy lifting swing for daughter
daddy pushing daughter in swing

girl flying in swing
girl flying in swing
girls legs in swing

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