These Phases Last a Long Time and Go Quickly

Saturday morning routines kind of happen organically. Families fall into a rhythm of getting up with the baby until the baby is walking. Then it’s the baby coming to wake everyone up, no longer a baby. Then that baby-turned-toddler is learning to sleep later, and with the addition of a new baby everyone is grateful for the spacing in between wake-ups. But this will change too. The reason these sessions are so important to me is because soon the parents will realize everyone is sleeping in; mornings with a baby in one arm and a toddler hanging onto the other hand will fade. Soon parents will look back and think, oh I remember when they used to get up early. They won’t even realize it happening. It happens so gradually yet suddenly.

My morning with the Reedups was like my morning with many families. It involved getting the toddler dressed, nursing the baby, feeding the toddler, shushing the baby for her morning nap, and doing some laundry. Just hanging out. But these sessions are so much more than that. Because it’s them. And it’s their mornings. And they’re filled with small little moments and gestures that create memories that are just theirs…

Interested in a day-in-the-life session? It’s pretty easy. It’s me hanging out at your house with you, that’s it. So shoot me a message and let’s chat about your family

boy hiding from mom in blankets mom finding boy in bed mom multitasking daddy washing dishes family gathered on couch boy saying hi to baby in mom's lap storytime with family little boy listening to book daddy's hand on baby daddy cuddling baby boy playing with truck on baby boy wrapped up in cord boy kissing baby sister boy with underwear on head mom trying to get boy dressed mom wrestling boy to put on socks dad shushing baby to sleep dad holding baby boy watching daddy make breakfast boy taking big bite boy eating breakfast mom holding baby on couch mom cuddling baby dad and son laughing boy running to daddy daddy swinging boy around boy looking up at daddy boy picking nose daddy consoling boy