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Margaret Albaugh

I am a photographer, advocate, mother, and partner to my loving and kind husband. I focus on personal projects, documentary work, family work, visual poems and environmental portraits. My personal projects focus on cultural identity, gender, and exploring the nuance of human nature. I find the full spectrum of human emotion to be inspiring and I try to capture it with my photography. 

a mother to two FABULOUS kids.

They are everything – they’re beautiful, sweet, funny, kind, and loving. They’re also loony and messy and weird. I love it all and I photograph all of it. If you venture to my Instagram or Facebook you’ll probably see a lot of them and our crazy life. I spend a lot of my days trying to keep them from doing a child version of MMA on each other when they fight, hustling them to/from school/playdates/gym/store/anywhere, and trying to feed them. Toast. With butter. Without crusts. More butter.

This is when I hand over the entire loaf and toaster and tell them to have at it.


Real life is so beautiful.


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My goal with photography is to capture the soul of your family – I want the story of your family to shine through your images. If you feature your images in an album or wall art, I want people to look at them and feel like they know you through those images. And I want you to be able to look at your images and feel like you’re there again, in that moment.

I’m a storyteller. Think of me as a family historian. And I’m going to preserve your stories.

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I support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ lives.