Underwater Family

I think one of the most amazing things about this summer is that my kids learned to swim. They’re still struggling to take breaths while swimming but they can glide around under water like little otters now and it is freaking amazing.

People keep asking us how we taught them to swim. We really can’t take any credit for it, other than giving them the time and space to explore. We showed up at the pool, they did a lesson, and then we just didn’t leave afterwards. I let them explore until they got cold and wanted out. But wven then, they had a hard time leaving the pool.

I love watching them extend themselves in the pool, reaching for new skillsets and new adventures. I watch them as they’re confronted with a new hurdle, whether that’s exploring a deeper section, learning to jump, or even getting thrown into the pool. They’re always nervous at first but when given the space to make the decision for themselves, they always eventually try. I love that. I swear, if I just give them the opportunity to be brave and grow, they’ll take it.

Interested in an underwater session for your family? They are SO fun – for EVERYONE. So shoot me an email and let’s talk.

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