Over the summer one of our favorite military people gave birth to a sweet baby boy. He’s perfect. Adorable carrot-ginger hair like his mother and the sweetest little nose like his father. Now his mama, Katie, is one of the most bad-assery of ladies I ever did meet. She’s got an incredibly kind soul but then she’ll run 8 miles and act like she went for a walk to the mail box. Not only that, her sweet gentle soul also pushed your stroller for you because you’re tired. And while she didn’t have kids at the time, she just gets it. So she pushed your stroller for you…

Anyways, now she’s a mama herself and I couldn’t be happier for her. Watching her cuddle this little man makes me a little bit happier about the future of humanity. And knowing his daddy has such a patient loving heart and a sense of humor to boot means he’s in excellent hands.

Congratulations guys. May your days be filled with wonderful baby cuddles and your nights filled with glorious sleep.

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