Ballet and Sisters – Hobbies and Passions

Earlier this summer, I photographed this amazing family in the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane. These two sisters are two of the kindest girls I’ve ever met. One of them loves ballet. I think it’s so important to photograph kids in love with their hobbies, whatever those hobbies might be – ballet, swimming, Legos, dolls. I always wonder if these will be fleeting phases that are just part of this season of growing or if these are long term passions they are developing. If these are long term passions, I think it is incredible to document them within their passions as they grow, watching how they change each year. If the hobby is transient, it tells a story of why they are now in this chapter of their life – a fleeting chapter.

Our Morning

When I arrived at the house, the girls were just getting ready to help their mom pull weeds while they preparing for the summer garden. Here’s a little tidbit folks – chores are awesome things to document. And don’t take this the wrong way but the worse your kids are at those chores, the better. (At least for photographs they are.) I’m mostly joking about that because these girls were amazingly helpful and sweet and made for wonderful subjects while they helped their mom. And I believe in photographing the real, whatever that may mean for each family. If your kids are a little more feral, embrace it. And if your kids are more attentive and sweet, commemorate that.


These girls got along so well and I loved documenting that for their mom. Every set of siblings has a relationship unique to them. While their own unique personalities shown, their love for each other became its own subject at times. They did almost everything together, ending the session in a wrestling match, piggyback ride and cuddles.

If you’re interested in documenting your days, let’s chat. You can contact me here. Each family is special – let’s make sure your photographs reflect your family.

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