Getting Eleanor to bed these days is a new sport. She uses every tactic there is, especially the potty trick. She’ll sit on that damn toilet for a good half hour trying to convince me she still has to go, going so far as to squeeze out a fart. Then she surprises herself with how well she did at squeezing something out that she bursts into laughter.

Anyways, some nights I decide to tag out and let Clint take a turn with putting her to bed. I wonder if she understands that if mommy won’t do it, maybe it won’t be as fun. But as you can see, Clint and E have a lot of fun together. They spent bedtime singing and pretending to be planes. Then Clint took off, saying if she wasn’t going to cuddle in her bed, he would. So she washed up and as she reached for the faucet, I watched her little toes extend and push her little body up. I thought of how quickly Harry grew and how soon she wasn’t going to need a stepstool. So I took a few pictures of her tiny body reaching to wash her hands. Yep, I get pretty sentimental about some things.

She finished up and she finally headed for bed… only to find a snuggling daddy in her crib. She was pretty excited about that. I’m surprised she didn’t beg him to stay!

So that’s my August 5-on-5. Head over to Jenny Bowers of Sycamore Lane Photography Southern Michigan Documentary Photographer.

girl sitting on toilet playing with daddy girl copying daddy little girl reaching for faucet toes reaching up for faucet girl jumping into crib girl snuggling in crib

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