Spokane Family Photography

I used to work in a daycare facility when we lived in England. It was the toddler room to be exact. I was so overwhelmed when I first started working in there but toddlers quickly became my favorite age with which to work. I loved their innocence but also their willingness to go full speed ahead with life. Their cries are big but their laughs, their goofiness, and their hugs are all big too. My experience working in daycare helps me quite a bit when it comes to photographing toddlers. And little Lauren was such a love to photograph. At two years old she already has so much personality.

I spent a lovely Sunday evening with the Berndt family. The weather was absolutely perfect and Lauren’s big smile radiated. She must have inherited those eyes from her mama.

I loved listening to Lauren sing – she had such a sweet little toddler voice. It was the perfect soundtrack for the kind of day we were having. It was just the sounds of her voice and the crunching of leaves under out exploring feet. It made me miss the toddler room in England and the kids exploring the outdoors.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this preview of my evening with Lauren and her parents

Berndt Family Video from Margaret Albaugh on Vimeo.

blue eyed girl | Spokane Family Photographer
Sweet parents | Spokane Family Photographer
Little girl and her mom | Spokane Family Photographer
Blue eyed girl and flower | Spokane Family Photographer
daughter hugging mom | Spokane Family Photographer
mother with blue eyes | Spokane Family Photographer
dad throwing daughter in air | Spokane Family Photographer
dad tossing daughter in air | Spokane Family Photography
Mom hugging daughter | Spokane Family Photographer
mom catching daughter | Spokane Family Photographer
mom holding daughter| Spokane Family Photographer
Berndt Family | Spokane Family Photographer

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