Bubble Baths

Some of my favorite moments are during the kids’ bathtime. I remember when they first started doing bath together. They weren’t so sure about sharing toys, mostly Harry. Eleanor was so little, she was mostly just wobbly and grabby in the bath while watching Harry play. Honestly, I can’t even remember what it was like when they first started bathing together.

But I love what baths are like now. It’s really nice to have them close enough in age they can play together but far enough that Harry feels he can take her under his wing for things. Although the sibling rivalry is rough too.

We did an afternoon bath the other day, mostly to kill time. But the kids were loving it. They loved the bubbly water, they loved the giant cups for pouring water on top of each other, and they were genuinely enjoying each other’s company. I had to document it. I think I may start offering bath sessions for clients (my first one is next week!).

Something about the water, the bubbles, the toys, and probably being confined in a small space and forced to deal with each other’s cr*p has really helped the kids play together. And it is one of my favorite spaces for environmental portraits.

The last photo is one of my favorites… I don’t know how it happened but I guess E leaned into H and he thought she kissed him and they started being so silly after that. I can almost hear the laughs when I look at that picture. It makes my heart happy.

Follow the link for the next photographer! My friend Kelly Haymes at Momma Got Soul Photo and Film. I love that she is part of my photography tribe. Meeting her, along with a group of amazing women, in Seattle is one of the highlights of my 2017.

boy in bath girl in bath wet face girl spitting water in bath boy pouring water on sister boy and girl playing and hugging in bath

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