One of my favorite things to do with the E-bug is take showers and baths. The little man would cry when someone got in the bath with him when he was this little. Of course now he wants someone in the tub with him, but as a baby he revolted. But with E, she loves being in water and playing with you. It’s one of our favorite little mommy and me things to do. It’s definitely something I’ll miss when she gets older and wants the tub to herself.

She’s also a nursing machine. And sometimes I really want to wean her.  But it’s one of the few things that remind me she is still little – she’s just my little baby. And so I’ve held onto it longer than necessary but she isn’t interested in stopping and neither am I. So we trudge on. And I’m quite happy to have gotten it on video with her. #normalize breast feeding, right!?

Techincally, this video was a bit of a challenge. I would not recommend anyone else get in a tub then operate their camera. This really wasn’t the smartest thing to do – I didn’t tell my husband about it. But I wanted to do this little film so badly and I made sure to take some precautions. If you ever go near water with a camera, have a towel handy. I wish I had some Harry Potter skills and could levitate my Nikon for some better angles but I had to make do with a crumbling cardboard box I left in the corner of my  bathroom. (Being a mess sometimes pays off when my garbage turns into handy makeshift tripods!)

Sentimentally, I think I’ll always love this video. It just makes me happy to watch. If you’d like your own Mommy and Me Film or Family Film, just drop me a line!