“Savor it now. They’ll be all grown up soon.”

You hear over and over again to savor this time. The baby days go so quickly and as a mother, you know that but it’s so hard to slow down time and enjoy each moment, especially when there’s dinner to be made, laundry to fold, the baby is trying to pull down the oven door, the dog has accidentally weed on the kitchen floor and all you want to do is sit down. How do you savor every moment when every moment is telling you to keep going?

It’s so hard.

I get it. I’ve been there twice. Which is why it is so important to me to document those early years. So when I had the chance to document this sweet little girl who had just turned one, I knew how important these images would be to her mama… and to herself. One day she’ll look back and see how much love her mom and dad put into raising her. She’ll see how sweetly her dad pushed her on the swings and how her mom read to her every day. It will be an affirmation of their love for her whenever she looks at these images. And it’ll be a reminder to her parents of how hard they work to build this amazingly loving, gentle family.

And someday, maybe when she turns five or ten or twenty… her mom can flip through these images and remember how small she really was, when she cuddled into her mommy arms. And she’ll think of what it was like to bathe her every evening or to get her tiny body dressed on a changing table that she definitely doesn’t fit on anymore.

You’ll find the family’s slideshow first followed by some of my favorites from the morning. Enjoy!

{Do you have a hard time “savoring” every moment? Maybe it’s time for your own documentary session. Someday they’ll be all grown up. So take the time to enjoy these days with them and document your time with them while they are still your “babies”… whether they are one or eleven. Email me to schedule a consult here.}


girl leaning on mom girl teasing mom with shoe tying shoes family walking to park mommy pushing baby on swings daddy pushing baby on swings prepping bath daddy's big hand on baby girl bathing baby environmental bath portrait baby gasping at her reflection daddy drying baby baby fluffy hair baby giggling on changing table baby reading baby hands tired baby tired baby cuddling mama baby cuddling to sleep