“Margaret will give you family art, not just photos. We love our portraits – especially
the perfect balance of posed shots and unposed moments (those our often our favorites). These are going to
be family keepsakes forever. Thank you, Margaret.” -A.Griffin


Initial Consult

Once you’re ready to book, we’ll get together to fine tune your session details. We’ll meet together and discuss what you want to do for your session, the length of your session, and if needed, select wardrobe and location (if not at home). You can pay the initial session fee to lock down a date and time and then we’ll hug and say goodbye until we meet again for your session.

During your Session

Regardless of what type of session you book, your session will be relaxed. Don’t be afraid of “lulls” or “quiet” moments. SERIOUSLY, embrace those moments. If it’s a lifestyle session, let the kids relax with me. Let them “figure me out”. It’s okay! This is when I get the best candid moments with them. For documentary sessions, go about your day as if I weren’t there. I love getting to know my clients so I tend to meld into the family.

My family is so weird and my house is a mess….

Embrace your family’s quirks. Forget your home’s mess (or cleanliness, but if you’re like me there’s a mess). And let your family’s story unfold in the session. For portrait sessions, we will do some posed images and I’ll help with posing but all my sessions focus on the moments you don’t realize even happen. My goal isn’t just making pretty pictures – it is in making photographs that you will look at 10, 20 or 30 years from now and those photographs will take you back to this moment in the image and make you remember.

Really though, what if my kids are annoying and gross?

Everyone’s kids are! After doing this job and photographing so many families, I realized we are all the same. Our kids are all in this weird process of growing up which means they do crazy weird things as they learn to be good humans. They tantrum, they fight, they blow snot projectiles from their noses at incredible speeds. I am used to it.

So please don’t stress if they aren’t angels during the session – they don’t have to be. I’ve got two monkeys who have managed a tantrum over every thing imaginable so don’t worry – really, I had no idea a toddler could get upset that I can’t change the color of the sky. And yet, I witnessed that tantrum last Tuesday. If it is a part of your lives now and your story, then they are memories worth having. They won’t be like this forever. And someday these seemingly mundane or everyday moments will actually be so missed and cherished

OK, but what if my kids and family are boring?

I think that’s a normal concern. But there are a lot of sweet moments that happen when you’re not thinking about them. Every family marches to the beat of their own drum. My job is to photograph you accordingly, whatever that may mean. Maybe you’re a quieter family, maybe a sporty family, or maybe you’re a goofy family. My job is to create images that reflect who you are as a family and as individuals.

(The only thing I ask is to minimize screen time, especially for shorter sessions. This will help.)


After your session, I’ll do my best to edit your images in a timely manner. I am a full-service photographer so expect to meet again within 1-2 weeks. After scouring the globe (really, anywhere that will ship to the United States) for the best of the best vendors, I have handpicked products for their museum archival quality, their lab’s color calibration, and the paper’s durability. Your family, your children, they are your artwork. They are people you have helped craft. And so, I not only do my best to take images that represent your family but I get your images printed on substrates that will showcase your family, your artwork, as best as possible.

Products take anywhere from 2-6 weeks and if you are in the Spokane or surrounding areas, I hand deliver them to make sure they get to you safely.

Are there referral credits?

Heck yes! You get product credit for your next session whenever you send a friend who books with me! I absolutely want to thank you for spreading the word.