The youngest was just waking up from her nap when I arrived. We went to get her out of bed and Henry was happy to help his mama. As they moved onto playing, I loved all the sticker fun. I loved that mom and dad just rolled with it. And I think it’ll be so silly and fun to think back on the days brother used to cover his baby sister in stickers. There were so many beautiful fun moments, but I think my favorite series from this day with the H family is the series of mom feeding her baby. It’s definitely a meaningful chapter in their lives – it’s more than an exchange of nutrition. The playing with the toes, the gazes and cuddles – there’s a lot of love and bonding in those moments.
But a close second are the images of dad with the kids… they are so quiet yet so moving. Maybe it was my presence but Gavin seemed more private and reserved than even most fathers. However, you could tell he was a very loved and involved father based on the kids’ interactions with him. Their trust in him and playfulness with him was telling and it was such a pleasure getting these images for the Heiders.

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brother and sister playing in crib

kids playing in crib

girl reaching for mommy

mom carrying both kids

mom changing

little baby toes

brother bugging sister

baby girl getting changed

mom dressing baby

girl looking at mom

girl in toy car

kids hugging

boy putting stickers on sister

little girl curling toes while breastfeeding

mommy and baby playing while breastfeeding

mommy playing with baby toes
mom and baby smiling while breastfeeding

baby smushing big brother

sis smushing brother

mom playing with brother

brother flips on couchheider family goofing off

mom and sister playing

dad and brother cuddling

mom carrying brother

dad dancing with brother

family dance party

baby sister doing toe taps

mom cuddling tired baby

dad blowing sons nose

sons legs dangling while dad holds him

storytime with mom

mom reading to son

dad holding baby sis

dad and baby cuddling before nap