Nothing says love like getting stabbed in the eye with a toy syringe. Ginny mentioned her family is an entertaining family and she was so right. Things I would love to remember about Cora and Michael – I would love to remember Cora’s big sister skills, sweetly glancing at her little brother from time to time to check on him or play. I would love to remember their love for art! The way they paint all the time. And I think Michael’s skills as a cookie thief are so adorable.

Their parents work really hard to provide for their family and the love really shines. As theater lovers, Ginny and Damon really love to perform. The art background comes through when they play with their kids, or read to them in fun voices. While the weather outside was lackluster, the energy inside was the opposite – quiet and soft but vibrant at the same time. There are so many favorites from this session – from painting to baking to just playing dress up – there were a lot of fun moments to choose from. But my absolute favorites were the moments in between – stealing cookies, happy hello kisses with dad, cuddles in the kitchen, and being silly with mom.

Enjoy the photos!

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girl's hands painting plate

son hiding paintbrush

mom tending to son

son playing with water at sink

boy drying hands

boy making faces

daughter putting up painting

mom retrieving balloon

little boy putting on tinkerbell dress

dress up time

mom being silly under a blanket

mom tickling kids

boy and mom being silly

boy poking mom in the eye

boy checking moms temperature

mom tickling daughter

mom stuck in tent

daughter and son pulling out mom

daughter reading to mom and brother


mom putting apron on daughter

daughter waiting to make cookies

kids sneaking cookie dough taste

mom passing ingredients to daughter

daughter prepping cookie dough

little boy buttcrack while making cookies

kids making cookies, leaned over dough

mom and son walking and cuddling

kids cleaning table

kids cleaning table and smiling

son trying to sneak cookie

daddys arm stopping cookie thief

kids reading with dad

son feeding dad cookie while daughter steals cookie

daddy coming home, gives son kiss

mom and dad kissing bye

mom kissing son bye

mom kissing son bye and snuggling