Day in the Life | Family Storytelling Photography

Every Saturday seems to start the same. Wake up. Go back to sleep. Hear baby cry. Hear toddler climbing into bed. Notice oldest child is already there.

They seem to carry on the same. Breakfast. Coffee. Talking about what to do for the day. Prep for Saturday activities.

And at the end of the day, we tuck little ones into bed, we march walking ones back to bed, we slump onto the couch, and we rest before starting it all over again.

Our days seem to carry on the same over and over… until one day, we realize so much has changed. The oldest is nearly two inches taller, the youngest is walking and talking. Life goes by slowly and in a blink at the same time.

Day in the Life Sessions

Day in the Life sessions are ways for us to slow down time. It’s a way for us to capture the unique chaos, craziness, sweetness, and silliness of the season we’re in. This session is because these seasons don’t last forever – the ones where we can play catch on the driveway, or have a tea party in the middle of the yard, or lift the covers to find a handful of dinosaur figurines under the bed. This phase passes slowly like molasses… until all of a sudden it’s gone.

But that’s why these sessions exist. These photographs are more than just images of your children – these are stories that you can pass on to your children. It’s a historical photobook of your family. These sessions capture the personalities we love the most.

Sessions last 10-12 hours. Sessions typically occur at client homes but I know the importance of family traditions and these can be done at family reunions, visits to the lake, or for vacations. Special rates may apply.

“Morning” in the Life Sessions

Everyone’s Saturday morning is kind of the same. (Or is it?) And every Saturday morning in general is kind of the same. (Or is it?)

Our family’s are all unique, each one of us. And within each family are characters that are all unique, each one of us. These sessions are meant to capture our crazy, busy, lazy, silly mornings with each other.

These sessions last 4-5 hours and can be done at ANY time of day. They’re just most often done in the mornings. But if your evenings or afternoons are the most special part of the day to you, let’s document that.

Mini Doc-Stories

Mini doc-stories are one or two hours long. These are great for capturing engagement/couples,maternity, newborn/Fresh 48, and Mommy and Me Sessions. These are the stories of life with our love at home on lazy Saturday mornings, or our first few days home from the hospital with our newest little one, photographing the craziness, love, chaos, hilarity, and tenderness of newborn days in the comfort of your own home while being yourself. These are the stories of you and your toddler before they become a preschooler.

These are shorter sessions that still encompass the authenticity of a documentary approach.