Every Saturday morning, the C Family gathers for a full English breakfast. It’s a little tradition thanks to their “mum”. I think these two little girls will have such amazing childhood memories. They’ll get to look back on their Saturday morning tradition and think of all those fun Saturday morning lazying about, running around in their underwear, and being goofy with their mom and dad.
The backyard was full of snow that day so they had a fun morning sledding, crash sledding, snowball fights, and even snowboarding. I was so impressed by the girls and their tenacity. I’m not sure how many times Autumn, their five year old, went running at her dad to jump on him. Or how many times he would duck and she’d end up face-planting in the snow. And I loved watching Summer’s expression while she anticipated sledding down the hill.

960 Saturdays

I think the beauty of these Saturday morning documentary sessions is they can be done in any weather and more importantly, the kdis love it. And their personalities come through so authentically. I think Autumn sitting in her underwear slumped on the couch says it all. And I think every mother can relate to that. I also think every mother and father who have ever had to keep their toddlers company in the bathroom can relate to these potty images. Summer just wanted to be with her mom in there. And watching her little toes curl while she sat on her little potty reminded me that she won’t be like that forever. One day she won’t need her mom in there. ANd she’ll definitely kick out her sister. But maybe the dog can stay….
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