A few weeks ago, E and I took a walk. It was right when the temperatures were dropping, there was a crispness to the air, and hoarfrost covered everything in the mornings. I particularly loved the bit of hoarfrost on the mushrooms we saw. Our walk didn’t last very long cause Eleanor got pretty cold really quickly. But here’s a few favorites… (I am quite fond of the image of her coaxing a non-compliant kitty.)

family_161118_2217 family_161118_2221 family_161118_2212 family_161118_2225 family_161118_2227 family_161118_2234 family_161118_2239 family_161118_2241 family_161118_2248 family_161118_2253 family_161118_2255 family_161118_2258 family_161118_2277 family_161118_2293 family_161118_2300