Being a parent can be so hard. I remember being in a grocery store when my first-born was a baby and struggling to keep her socks on. An older woman bumped into me and said, “Savor this…. it’ll be over before you know it.”

The socks didn’t stay but those words did.

That was nine years ago and I can barely remember that life. It was a season but it feels like a lifetime ago. I remember asking myself, “How am I supposed to SAVOR this? I can barely think most days!”

And that is why I fell in love with documentary family photography. It allowed me to savor the richness in these days…. my toddlers blowing bubbles in the yard. My youngest discovering her zeal for paint by painting all over herself. My oldest beating grandma at Uno. These are more than memories. These are images that are on my walls, memories for the entire family to savor. And I love that my kids know how much these tiny moments mean to me…..

baby peeking over couch

“It’s hard to understand how special having these photos is until you have them. Margaret’s photos captures this phase in our life that we never want to forget: having a young child and a baby. It’s a crazy, messy, emotional, exhausting, and joyful time and her emotive images captures it in a way that pictures we snap never could. I could see doing these every couple years. These are already so special to us and I know the value is only going to grow year after year. If you’re on the fence, I am positive you will not regret doing them.”

- K. R. (Washington)

girl drinking from hose

So, what is a documentary session?

It’s an opportunity to have your family photographed exactly as they are. No stressing about what to wear, about making sure everyone is neat and tidy. No trying to convince your partner to dress up for the day. The day is all about letting everyone be who they are.



Jack Kerouac

mom jokingly dragging daughter

The Process

We decide together on a length of time (mini-doc, half day, or full day). We secure a date. I photograph your family. We find a time for a zoom or in-person consult where we decide on products and images.

Mini Doc | 125 – 1 hours, perfect for newborns and maternity. (Family Portraits and Senior Sessions follow 1-hour pricing)

Short Doc | 200 – 2 hours, for small family events, newborns, maternity, or for having multiple doc sessions in one year.

Half Day | 400 – approximately 5 hours, great for documenting morning routines or afternoon pasttimes.*

Full Day | 650 – Every family should have at least one full day-in-the-life for every phase of their life. Capture everything from cuddly mornings to bedtime stories and all the life in between.**

*Option to add hours during session if you want to extend.

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The Products

Digital Negatives, Wall Art, Albums

Digital Packages – Digitals can be purchased in singles, as a set of ten, or the whole gallery for the chosen time-frame. Slideshows are included with any purchase of 500 or more. Pay for full digital gallery with your session fee and receive 10% off your gallery.

Mini-Doc | 450

Short Doc | 600

Half Day | 1100 (Includes a gift of one Fine Art 6×9 print)

Full Day | 1400 (Gift of 3 Fine Art 6×9 prints)

Set of Ten | 550

Single | 200


The Day-in-the-Life package is an all-inclusive package. Pre-pay for the session and digital package for $2300 and get 30% off the album.

This includes the Session Fee, the Digital Package, Slideshow, and the Gift (3 Fine Art Prints).



New offering: Clients can now sign up for an Annual pass. Purchase an annual pass and get up to 6 one-hour sessions a year and an album to commemorate the year.  Fine art prints can be purchased for a special reduced rate. Use these sessions to commemorate birthdays, graduations, the different milestones in life. 

Annual Passes are $4590.



I’ve spent years looking for the best products that I know will last. The style is timeless and their durability is the best I could find. All products sold through me are guaranteed in color and durability. Below is a sampling of some of the products I sell. There is no minimum to purchase – buy only what you love!

If you’re looking for something custom, email me for a quote.

dad throwing daughter in the air in living room while family plays in the foreground

Wall Art

Fine-art prints on cotton substrate and matted in acid-free museum archival 4-ply mats. Canvases are on cotton substrate and coated in protective varnish. Prices are based on longest side of print, not mat. (Unmatted in parantheses).

36″ | 1000 (599)

30″ | 800 (349)

24″ | 600 (299)

18″ | 400 (199)

12″ | 200 (99)

4×6, 5×7, 6×9 | 125 (80)

Set of 3 6×9 images in 11×14 mats | 350


Albums are one of my favorite ways to tell the story of your family. Families can reminisce over them every year – every day, even. And it gives your children a sense of story and meaning.

My album is printed on press-printed paper in a handmade book and includes 40 images with option to add pages.


mommy carrying baby

“Thank you Margaret for capturing precious family moments that I didn’t even know meant so much to me! I was nervous about how our life would translate into photographs, but Margaret was so sweet and patient – she helped us through the process and made us feel comfortable from start to finish. When we got the photos back, they blew me away! Margaret truly captured beautiful moments with our baby. The photos literally brought tears rolling down my face! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent Margaret! I’m starting to tear again.”

- C.C. (California)


A pre-session consult is complimentary and gives us a chance to see if we are a good fit and if documentary photography is right for you. I would love to meet up with you for tea and just get to know you and get to know more about what you’re looking for. To schedule a consult, click the button below!