Sibling bonds

One of my biggest worries was whether or not my kids would get along as they got older. Would sibling rivalry be too much for them? Would they find things they wanted to do?

I find with this age, I try to encourage as many activities they love to do together… whether that’s tackling dad, swimming, playing tag, or doing nails. The other day I promised they could do their nails together. I was busy cleaning when I heard some whispering, E telling her big brother that I said it was okay. “Mom said we could”. “OK, I’ll go get it.”

I waited a few minutes before I went to find them in the bathroom. I wanted to give them space to do this… but I also wanted to be there as guidance in case anything spilled.

Luckily dad was already there. :D

I love these moments. Some families may not be okay with these hobbies. That’s another topic entirely. I’m glad they’ve found something they love to do together.

boy painting sister's nails dad on toilet showing how to close nail jar painted nails