Sights and Sounds

Why a family film?

You know those movies where there’s a scene of a parent or caregiver and they’re usually sitting in a basement
or a quiet little den watching an old family video? They’re reminiscing of some seemingly mundane ordinary time that suddenly now seems beautiful and extraordinary? That’s why.

My Why

I started making films of my family when my daughter was almost a year old. I tried to remember how her laugh
compared to my older son’s laugh, how her words sounded in relation to his at that age, and I realized I couldn’t remember. I knew I loved the way his little belly laugh made me so happy but I couldn’t actually remember how it sounded. And I knew he was learning to say “I love you” when he was nearly two, but I missed hearing his tiny sounding voice saying such big words. So I started making family films of my family so I would never miss those sounds again.

Whether it’s because you realize your child will no longer be a little baby, or just because you want to capture some
of your favorite moments and sounds in a medium that provides a little more than photography can, a family film can capture what you’re looking for.

Family Film

Mommy and Me

Richardson Newborn

Family Film

Welcoming Baby Mina

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