Each day I wanted to focus on something I wanted to remember. It might’ve been something little, like the way the puffballs dangled from each of the kids’ rooms. I focused on things that I think would change soon, like Eleanor napping in the car or the way she climbs her stairs. She’s perpetually dirtying her shirt and taking it off. And I love the ways he rubs her eyes as she wakes up. I also focused on relatively new things – new things about this phase in our life. I focused on the way the kids play together. In December, I took away TV and they played together so much better after that. They still fight from time to time but they’re much more resilient about it and more willing to engage with each other. And I LOVE that about this phase in our life so I really wanted to document it. Since most of the mornings Hairball is at school, the clips are pretty Eleanor-centric so I’m excited for spring when the light lasts longer and I can include Hairball in more clips.


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