Fifty Years of Love and Service

When I walked into the American Legion in Post Falls, I watched as the guests arrived. I took a peak at the photographs of Jerry and Catherine, photographs of them getting married, travelling, exploring the world. I saw a little girl look at a huge case of medals from Jerry’s career in the military. And when Jerry and Catherine walked up to the building, I was immediately humbled by everything they had done: the marriage they had together, the family they built, the acts of service they’ve completed together and all the love they’ve shared.

I thought of my own relationship with Clint. We’ve already been together ten years so we have fifty to go. What kind of life will we build together? I’ve thought of the ups and downs we’ve been through and I was flooded with all the potential ups and downs Jerry and Catherine have been through together. It was both an overwhelming but beautiful thing to envision.

Beautiful more than anything.

Each one of us is in the middle of building our beautiful lives. And every bit is worth celebrating, remembering, photographing, sharing with each other. What story will you write with your life? You’re writing it every day. And what photographs will dapple the walls of your celebrations? What stories will they tell?

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