Images of your child in a minimalist, clean way while preserving the authenticity of who they are

The Details



Sessions are 10-15 minutes long
All outdoors
I will be all masked up
My glasses will fog up and that will be
fun for kids to watch

Normally I wouldn’t charge session fees. However, all session fees will be donated to World Relief Spokane in their efforts to welcome new Afghan refugees in the coming days. $20/Kiddo or show me a donation receipt via phone or email. DONATE HERE.

All images will be expertly toned but I believe in leaving in freckles and scars. Feel free to message me for special request toning.

Email or call to book:



Each child gets their own gallery. Galleries will be Emailed.
Special product pricing below

Lustre Gift Prints

Petite (wallets, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10)  $20
Small (8×12) $25
Medium (
12×18) $35
Large (16×24) $60

Deckled Matted Fine Art Prints

Archival material and AMAZING.
They will last and look beautiful for years. 
Every aspect can be customized and
starts at $125 for 9×6 fine art print in an
11×14 4-ply mat.

Digital Negatives

$175/full gallery
Includes voucher for 35
% off gift prints




Heirloom Family $150
(1) fine art deckled 9×6 print
in 11×14 mat
(3) 5×7 gift prints
Add additional lustre prints for 35% off
 Add Digital download of full gallery $295

 Extended Family $105
(4) 5×7 gift prints
(2) wallets
(1) 8×10
Add additional lustre prints for 35% off

Middle Child $65
(1) 8×10 gift print
(2) 5×7 gift prints
(1) wallets
Add additional lustre prints for 25% off

Nugget $48
(2) 5×7 gift prints
(1) wallets


I recognize that photography is a luxury item and not every family can afford it. In this time of COVID, in addition to previous issues of financial disparity, please reach out if there are issues affording images.

Also if you are interested in donating to future clients who cannot afford images, contact me on how to donate to photography scholarships.

**I support the rights of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ Lives.**