During my trip to California, I met up with the Gaskell family for a portrait session in Joaquin Miller Park. I met Ashley a long time ago though. My family had moved a dozen times and we finally settled in a town in California. I was only in second grade and making new friends was really hard for me but I remember Ashley sort of took me under her wing. So it’s really amazing, nearly 30 years later, to be photographing her as a mother and wife. It’s amazing how quickly time flies and how things change – and don’t change. She’s still the same sweet, funny, and loving person I met as a seven year old.

Only now she has an obsession with hot springs and a sweet little baby. She loves to blow raspberries, at the air and on her hand. And she spent some time blowing and eating dandelions. I’m sure we’ve all done that at some point. Ashley also showed me their matching red capes. At first, I assumed Drew had one too. That could’ve been epic. But it was just Ashley and Iva and they were pretty awesome. And then Ashley and Drew showed me the most amazing patch of forget-me-nots in a little hidden spot off the road. It was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many. So it was really beautiful to capture them in this little patch.


gaskell family in joaquin miller park gaskell family mom and dad cuddling with baby baby laughing and smiling baby looking at camera dad and baby walking mom and baby wearing red capes mom lifting baby up famiy sitting in forget me nots baby walking in forget me nots family in field smiling family lying in forget me nots family cuddling in forget me nots

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