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Getting in the Frame

A little while ago, I talked about the importance of getting in the frame, especially us moms. (Read the blog here). I love my kids and I want to make sure I don’t exclude myself from their photographic story. Sure, I’d love to lose a few pounds, get rid of a few scars and look like I could trapeze around with Zac Efron in a tutu all day. But I know that 10, 20, 40 years from today, none of that shit will matter. I’m not going to judge myself for the way I looked in photos cause by the time I’m looking back at these photos, I’ll be wishing I had THIS body. I’ll judge myself more harshly for caring about those things and not being in the photo.

So earlier this summer, I set aside a day to make sure I was in at least a couple of photos. There were two times of the day that are really important to me – my morning nursing session with Eleanor is one of those times. I made sure to document that before she stops nursing altogether. Although, I’m not sure she will ever ask to stop nursing.


eleanor nursing eleanor nursing still

Saturday morning pancakes are an important part of the weekend routine. (Although sometimes they don’t happen on Saturday). The kids always beg to lick the batter. I don’t blame them. There’s probably a bowl full of sugar in that pancake mix.

eleanor licking waffle spatula kids licking spatulas lunch feeding harry eleanor eating a fry eleanor not eating a fry

The kids were into riding around with all the windows down. So of course, I had do document this. I just felt like it was such a little kid thing to enjoy. When kids are 12 or 14, they stop enjoying these little pleasures. They become too cool. I wanted to make sure I photographed my kids when they were so cool, they didn’t even think about what other people thought. They just enjoyed the wind in their hair….

car ride home with windows down kids fighting and playing in back seat celebratory car ride bath time mess eleanor struggling to get underwear on kids brushing teeth

One of the other things I really wanted to document was bedtime with Harry. He’s so incredibly sweet at bedtime. It is one of the few times where it really is just him and me together. Of course I love my time with Eleanor but I rarely get alone time with Harry, and he knows it. And I know it.

reading bedtime books to harry


So that was an abridged version of our day-in-the-life. It’s kind of hard to document your own life.

Luckily you don’t have to. If you’re interested in having a day-in-the-life session, you can contact me here. Let’s talk about your family and where you guys are in life right now. What do you want to remember?


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