I remember being a kid and loving Saturday mornings. It was great for sleeping in, morning cuddles, and not worrying about being anywhere. I spent a sweet morning with the Cirignotta-Sternberg family the weekend before his first deployment out of this base. So, it was really special for them to get images for the dad to see while deployed. These mornings are really special to them. They love cuddling with their kids in bed and the kids love their Saturday pancakes. While the family awaits their third child, they are enjoying their time right now as a family of four. They spent their day doing the simple things – story-time, home improvement tasks around the house, and watching daddy pack… There were so many silly moments, sometimes even I got lost in the moment and found myself laughing along.

Hoping for your family reunion soon. Thank you for your service and thank you for the lovely day in your home!

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