Grant Park and playground is one of my kids’ favorite playgrounds. It has a huge rainbow arc that they love so they call it the rainbow park. It’s beautiful, dappled with big trees, and lots of green for kids (and dogs) to run around. They only have a small swing set though but depending on when you get there, you can walk over to the Grant Elementary School Playground and play there. They have a much larger swing set. (Very important, this swing set business.)

Grant Park also has a splash pad for hot days. It’s great in the summer. I love parks that are nestled in suburban areas, away from bigger streets. While it’s close to Perry Street, it’s tucked away enough that I don’t feel worried if my kid decides to wander a little bit.

I love spending my afternoons with Eleanor. Sometimes I feel like she got robbed of one-on-one time being the second-born. And while there are benefits to being the second born, I want to make sure she gets the same attention Harry did. I know that’s  near impossible since Harry had SO much time (first born benefits) but I can still try to make sure she FEELS loved. So I like to take her on walks in parks and playgrounds, just us. With it being such a beautiful fall day, I decided to bust out my lensbaby too. I love the blur of the colors and the richness of the tones. I wish I had the 50mm version so I could get closer but I got on board the lensbaby train early when all they had was the 85.

One more thing Eleanor and I are lacking – selfies. I tried to take a lot of images with Harry but I definitely don’t do that enough with Eleanor. So I wanted to make sure I got in at least one frame with her. I’m pretty happy with it. <3

Follow the blog circle and check out this beautiful story from Erin  Berry, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania photographer.


girl walking in park girl walking towards swings girl on top of slide girl on wonky horse toy me and my girl