Frosh Basketball

I joined the freshman high school basketball team out of the teams sheer desperation for numbers. I had little experience other than wondering about my brothers Golden State Warriors posters and why Chris Mullen was such a big deal.

But my History teacher at the team was the varsity coach and asked me to join. I’m grateful I did cause it ignited a passion for the sport as well as introduced me to lifelong friends.

Coach and Friend

Coach Ed was one of my biggest role models growing up. Just the fact that he was present helped. But he also guided me on and off the court. He was the one I told my high school crush to and he’s the one who I called when I was sad about life. He’s the one who encouraged me to push myself when I had no faith in myself. We started in touch and I loved him so much he was the officiant at my wedding.

Shortly after the team formed, Coach Ed started giving us assignments. He wanted us to watch college basketball and watch the plays they made. I probably took him too. Literally cause I actually wrote down there most common plays of my favorite teams, those teams being Duke, UNC and Kentucky. (I think I have a thing for blue). And then I quickly added Cal Berkeley to the list of favorites and was a devoted fan to them.

But I had many teams I followed including Syracuse, Kansas, and of course Gonzaga. These teams were always in March Madness but for some reason I never knew much about them. I didn’t even know Gonzaga was in Spokane until I moved here!


I love that Spokane is such a basketball charged town. It adds so much character to this city, in a way I really love because 4 years living across deprived me of my favorite teams and it feels so good to be around basketball again. I love that the town has basketball hope everywhere you turn.


When I heard about Hoopfest I knew I wanted to document it. But with a baby the first year we were here, I didn’t have the time. Nor the energy (right mamas?). So I waited.

This is our third year here and I finally managed to go. I had a shoot that morning but my amazing husband still told me to stay as long as I wanted.

I watched as men fought for the title of Hoopfest champion. And I watched as children played in the streets, which had been closed off and sectioned into courts. Thousands of people took part in what is arguably the largest 3-on-3 tournament in the state, if not the country.

The energy was so vibrant and the crowds were awesome. The weather was perfection. I hope you enjoy these images and I hope you feel the energy I felt when I was there.

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kid dunking boys playing basketball kids playing in the street alleyoop into the basket someone making a layup
everyone watching jumpshot go in guy going up for layup guy trying to block a shot boy watching