A few weeks ago we attended the Lantern Fest in Post Falls, Idaho, a 30 minute drive from Spokane. My kids are finally old enough to go to this event. But, as everyone in the PNW knows the winter was relentless. It didn’t let up just because it was May.

It was 40 degrees that day and when we arrived at the Speedway, the wind chill definitely played a factor towards our comfort level. We were excited for everything there was to do. Volunteers handed us a box that came with our admission. It included a lighter for lighting the lanterns and a s’mores packet. We also received our lanterns – one per general admission ticket. There were 3 food vendors, a beer vendor, and an area for the kids to do bounce houses and giant slides. We snacked on giant bags of kettle corn and goofed off with some good friends of ours. We lit communal fire pits and the kids went nuts burning random things (nothing crazy – our s’mores sticks, mostly). And they were major troopers considering how cold it was (and how much I complained about it).

Then of course, as the sky finally darkened, a giant black cloud loomed and then poured hail and rain for about 20 minutes. I felt so bad because people’s lanterns were getting soaked – not to mention their kids, their personal belongings, and themselves. The kids and I pitched a fort under our friend’s blanket and listened to the hail pound away. Seriously Bre – I owe you oodles of cuddles and loves for that blanket. Then finally, the rain let up and we lifted the blanket. The air was filled with smoke from the extinguished fire pits but then we heard cheers as people started lighting their lanterns and they finally took off. Some people had trouble getting their lanterns to float – a few of ours had holes in them or they were too wet to float. But the ones that did take off filled the sky with little golden specks.

Lantern Fest with the Albaughs