Exploring Cities – A Day in the Life

Exploring cities with families is a funny thing to experience. Adults “Oooh” and “Ahhh” over architectural wonders while children wonder what all the fuss is about. But it’s such an awesome time to document. As kids get older, their interests will change dramatically. Their perceptions and how they see simple surroundings will change and it’s so much fun to compare their reactions as the years pass.

I loved documenting Liam and watching all the typical everyday struggles his parents had with him. Getting dressed, walking around the city, trying to go potty and just staying in bed for bedtime. Maybe it’s a little weird… but I kind of think it’s all a bit hilarious. I think being aware of each phase being so transient helps. (Wink! Hang in there all you tired mamas…)

The Big Picture

Seasons come and seasons go.

Homes change.

Cities around us change.

But it is an awesome to be able to document the phases of our lives for ourselves and our kids. As Liam grows up, he’ll get to look back at all the ways he tortured his parents (haha) but he’ll also see how much love his mom and dad put into every moment. And THAT is such a gift.

If you’re interested in a day-in-the-life session, whether it’s in your home town or while you’re traveling, give me a shout. Let’s hash out a plan. We’ll take all those funny, cuddly, squishy, cutesy, crazy moments… and give your family lasting memories. Shout out to me here.

boy refusing to get dressed

boy finally letting dad dress him

mom getting boy out of car

mom struggling to help boy up steps

mom and boy looking at sky

mom and boy walking by mural

boy holding blanket cape

mom tossing boys cape

mom helping boy potty

boy tugging at moms dress

mom trying to keep boy in bed

boy goofing off in bed

boy and mom in bed