When the Hairball started preschool, I thought it’d be an amazing time for the E-bug and me to get much needed mommy-and-me time. But she got totally jipped. Instead, I ended up using all those hours to catch up on chores. I would clean the house, do laundry, pick weeds, put out garbage, do more laundry, buy cat food, buy toddler food, do more laundry, buy new toddler socks, clean the kitchen again, unclog a toilet or two, and do more laundry. (But never… ever… put that laundry away.) Anyways, my point is, when the Hairball was that age he got hours upon hours of books, painting, pinterest-worthy crafts and long walks. In no way am I saying I was the perfect mom with him. I AM saying the kid got a lot of attention. And E-bug unfortunately is not.


So there are some days I scrap everything. In my mind, I take all my imaginary sticky notes and memos and put them on an imaginary table and I swipe them all off. I make a point of making that day all about E. So last week we decided to set sail for Liberty Lake and a small little beach with a playground. We spent a good two hours there just hanging out at the beach, playing in the sand, watching the geese fly overhead, and sliding down the spiral slide.

It was a really lovely time.