Lutheran Community Services

Last month, I was asked to photograph a charity event for Lutheran Community Services. My husband volunteers as a response coordinator for victims of assault with LCSNW. And I understand the needs for an organization like this for women. So it was really meaningful for me to help with their event.

Chocolate and Champagne Gala

The event is called the Chocolate and Champagne Gala where vendors from all different sweet treats in Spokane come to offer a sampling of their menu. It was amazing seeing so much chocolate in one room.

If you’ve never been to their gala before, you should consider going next year. The décor was beautiful, the games looked ridiculously fun, and as the organization’s leaders spoke about the importance of their programs, the emotion in the room was palpable. You could feel hearts opening up, wanting to help every hurt soul in Spokane. It was really amazing seeing so many people willing to help.

Giving Back

If you know an organization that could benefit from photography services, I would love to hear from them . I do my best to give back to at least 1 organization a season. And I give special thanks to my clients for supporting my work so I can continue to help.

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