So I cheated.

I definitely took more than a second a day. And March was tricky. The weather had me in a funk. But also life decisions were weighing down on me. It got to a point where I didn’t want to pick up the camera some days because I was so focused on other things. And frankly, I was tired of taking footage indoors. I was mad at the cold keeping us cooped up and my kids finally got sick. I just wanted to help everyone recoop.

But we ended well. The footage I did take, I loved. So I cheated. And I used music that was intended for a client film but I decided to use a different song. But this music worked out really well for my March project.

I’m not sure which direction my monthly videos will go – if I’ll go back to one second a day films which I probably should…. or if I’ll do a “favorite things” of each month film. And come up with a theme or something. Anyways, here’s the film.

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Follow the blog circle by checking out the second a day video of Tammy Smith!

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