Sleeping Queens

One of the beauties of my job is meeting so many families. I get to see how different families can be and how unifying that is. We all love our children and yet we all have different rituals and ways of showing it. I think it’s really amazing I get to see and observe these things and then take these tools home with me.

I hung out with Anna and her family for a weekend in Seattle. We spent the morning just hanging out and scoping out their favorite brunch spots. They love to hit up a small coffee shop before brunch and then they bring a card game called Sleeping Queens with them.

Game Addict

Little aside – I freaking loved this game. I bought it as soon as I got home. My son is now addicted but I love that kids can practice math while having so much fun. Another bonus is that we play so much, my son has to lose every now and then. He’s really sensitive so when we played any kind of game before, he almost took it as a personal affront. But he’s now “practiced” losing and it’s been so good for him.

We have now added on about 4 other games to our collection. We’re addicts.


I love being witness to all kinds of families. The N family is so laid back and loving. They played video games in the morning and card games through breakfast. They worked on the yard. And like anyone, they played legos in the bath. I love being reminded about the simplicity of life. Being with these families offers me a chance to provide them with beautiful photos of them with their kids, often reminding them of how awesome their every day is. But it also reminds me of how love can be shown in all different ways and how families can spend time together doing different things and I take these ideas back home with me.

It’s a symbiotic relationship. So, thanks and you’re welcome.

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