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A family of Asian
bleeding hearts
fall into the water
It is the mother who turns on the faucet
checking the temperature as the tub fills
She has spent the day filtering information from the outside world
while quarantined inside with her daughters
It is the children
who watch the water
and laugh as it creeps towards their toes
They tap at the floating flowers
laughing as they drip
coaxing their mother in
She withers into the water
Washing away the strain of being a human sieve

Their legs tangle
They ask about COVID and George Floyd
and try to make sense of their dark Chinese skin
Water clings tightly to each of them
listening to the conversation
The tub is not big enough for them all
The overflow drain gurgles
In the space of an hour
the children grow even more
absorbing water and information
And all she can do is give them room to grow.