Spokane Fair

We’ve never gone to a fair altogether. The kids were always too little for it to seem “worth it”. Would they get to ride any rides? Would they just beg for cotton candy? But this year they were both old enough and tall enough to at least ride a few kiddie rides so we went.
They didn’t even notice the cotton candy (cause they don’t know what that is yet.)

We bought our tickets then explored all the different rides. Finally Harry set his eyes on the biggest roller coaster there. He honestly had no idea what he was getting himself into when he asked to ride. But he was so excited and I wanted to just let him ride that excitement all the way up to the front of the line. And then he got in and you could see the excitement turn to nervousness. But the poor little guy was buckled in and there was no turning back.

That is the story of his first rollercoaster.

He got off and gave me a thumbs down.

Carnival Games

Of course we got roped into one of those ridiculously expensive carnival games. But the guy promised kids got to play until they won. So Eleanor and Harry got a quick tutorial on how to throw darts and then darts went flying in all directions and no balloons were hurt in the process. So much for guaranteed wins. But the guy let them keep playing and I think they must’ve hit something because they both won a stuffy.

That dang carnival greed set in though and they both wanted to upgrade. So they each got one shot. Clint was champion for Eleanor and hit a balloon so she upgraded that little crocodile to a nice unicorn. Harry impatiently took matters into his own hands and flailed that little dart across the way. It hit the wall and tumbled down into a pit of tears and fits. He cried about not getting to upgrade to a pug and ran away.

Yay, carnivals.

Whacky House

But he recovered and we spent our remaining 30 tickets (aka $30) on the Whacky House, which both kids loved. We watched as a ride behind us dropped kids over and over again while we waited in line. Then the kids got to go in, spin around on a giant hamster wheel, get stuck on vibrating steps and stare into funhouse mirrors.

We refreshed on delicious sno-cones, giant strings of fries, watched a hypnotist make people bark in front of a crowd of people and watched kids on the big swings go around and around.

All in all, it was a good experience at our first Spokane Fair.

{Maybe you want your next trip to the fair documented? Or maybe just a trip to Grandma’s or a weekend making your own craziness at home? Let’s chat!}

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