Perry Street Farmer’s Market

Our first summer here was spent at the Kendall Yard’s Farmer’s Market and this year was all about the Perry Street Farmer’s Market. While we love the KY Market, it’s a little further of a drive. Perry Street is right by one of our favorite parks and we can meet up with a friend who lives closeby so it’s such an easy choice for us. We can hop down to the market, grab dinner at one of the kid-friendly restaurants (our favorites are The Lantern and The Shop which is photographed below), and then head to the park for some playtime before bed.

We love that the markets support The Spark with their Kernel Booth and the kids always buy produce with their market bucks. Our favorite vendors are the bread lady (Pane Pomodoro you guys… it is a must buy) and the fresh produce vendors – any of them.

I don’t know what it is about Farmer’s Markets that I love so much. Maybe because it is such a great communal gathering place and the vibrancy of the people and booths is contagious. Maybe all the amazing produce really helps summer feel alive. But everywhere I travel to, I make a point to visit the farmer’s markets and I love that Spokane has so many. It is probably one of my favorite things about this town.


{Do you love the markets? What are some of your favorite summer activities? And have you had them documented yet? Let’s chat more about how you can document your family’s favorite summer traditions!}

cooling down in misters hanging out in sprinklers harry at farmer's market counter kids catching mist droplets on face the shop in perry district pastry counter ice cream counter ice cream coffee bars girl at cash register wine bottles at the shop silverware tray

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