Spokane Photographer – Personal Projects

I’m continually adding on personal projects that allow me to document issues and moments that matter to me.


My Family

I’m currently working on an lifelong project with my family, documenting my children, their relationship to each other, and within their universe. Primarily I am focusing on their relationship to each other as brother and sister and eventually in relationship to their grandmother when she lives with us.


Spokane Protests

Spokane participated in the first annual Women’s March in 2017. I wanted to document this as I felt it was an important part of Spokane’s history and their changing identity. As more people from Colorado, Seattle, and California move to Spokane, and more young people choose to stay in Spokane, Spokane’s political landscape is slowly shifting. So I wanted to focus on photographing everything from the Women’s Marches to the March For Our Lives Walkouts and Protests.



Spokane Protests and Walkouts

Women Owned Spokane


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