Picture Day

Preschool Picture Day!

Picture day is coming up! So get your sweet little ready for pictures! What a sweet way to remember pre-school days.

I’m not a huge prop person so I’ll be keeping things simple and clean and letting your child’s personality shine through! Don’t be surprised if you see some candids in your gallery! I will direct kids to get natural expressions and poses from them and you’ll be able to choose from a gallery of 5-10 images toned in color or black and white.

Outfit ideas

Help him or her choose an outfit but it helps if you let them get the ultimate say.

Avoid graphic tees or logos. Avoid solid black and neon colors. (Black tends to dominate a portrait too much and neon can be distracting.) Focus on classic colors or matte and neutral colors. Combine patterns with solids and layers, so long as your little is comfortable. And feel free to accessorize but make sure it’s not a distraction. It should be there to accentuate, not overwhelm, an image.

But the most important tip – let the child be himself.  In my opinion,  a photograph should help express a time and a story. Let the clothes resemble what your child normally wears.  It will help your child’s personality shine through.  This might sound contradictory to everything I just said but if your son doesn’t normally wear polo shirts,  don’t make him wear a polo.  If your daughter doesn’t normally wear skirts,  don’t force her in a skirt.  Let who your child is shine through – the above is a guideline to pick from clothes he or she already has.  It doesn’t need to be fancy,  just not distracting.

Gallery links will be announced a few weeks after Picture Day with your own password. You can order collections or a la carte and choose multiple poses to print.

Enjoy specially discounted prices for these school portraits!

spokane photographer messy baby girl


Packages start at $35 or order a la carte.

The Fine Art Family – $225 (Best value)

(1) fine art deckled 12×8 matted print
(3) 5×7
(1) set of wallets
(1) matching digital negative of 12×8 print

The Fancy Family – $119

(1) matted 12×8
(2) matted 5×7

The Extended Family – $75

(2) 8×10
(4) 5×7
(2) sets of (8) wallets

The Tater Tot – $45

(1) 8×10
(2) 5×7
(1) set of (8) wallets

The Nugget – $35

(1) 8×10
(1) 5×7

Gift Prints are $15 per 5×7 print, $20 for 8×10/8×12/(8) wallets. Digital negatives come with a high resolution file for printing and a matching social media file for sharing online ($65).

All products will be sent to school for pickup.

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