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Want to do more than just iPhone pictures?

So many parents out there bought the nice fancy camera.  A beautiful new Nikon or Canon or Fuji. But only a small smattering of people have the time to learn how to use it.

I get it.

It’s overwhelming.  As parents we barely have time to poop by ourselves or brush our own hair let alone read a manual. And let’s face it,  manuals are about as exciting as watching watercolor dry (yes,  my toddlers have asked me to do that so I personally know).

But what if you could take a class that could help you not just have more confidence with the camera but also feel proud of your images? I have spent the last 10 years honing my craft, learning in workshops all over the world, studying from some amazing mentors, and now I’m ready to teach you to take photographs you’d love to have on your walls. We won’t be sitting in a sterile classroom staring at white walls and tile ceilings.  We’ll spend some time learning the technical stuff and then we’ll get some time to figure out your camera all together. I’ll be there to help you with any questions you have as you do hands on learning.



Things we’ll study:


-the various programs

-lens specifications

-navigating your menu and what the terms mean (I’m a Nikon user just a heads up but I can help you figure it out)


It’s a simple list that may not look like much but trust me, this course is dense and you will walk away feeling like your camera is now a tool!

What others are saying

I recently took a photography class from Margaret after buying my first DSLR camera. She definitely exceeded my expectations. I came out of the class feeling confident enough to start using my camera in its manual mode. She also had so many great tips! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone hoping to learn how to use their DSLR camera outside of the auto mode!! So worth it!! – N. C.



Did you know

We are raising the most photographed but least printed generation? Do more than just take iPhone pictures. Take pictures with your big-kid camera and you are more likely to PRINT those. And your family WANTS printed images – don’t you?


Spokane Photography Class

I’m SO excited to be offering this class and I’ve spent the last few months really bulking up this class and packing it with as much information as possible! Our next class is going to be Saturday July 13, 10:30-12:30 in Spokane. Get ready to walk away with an immense amount of information you can apply right away! I’ll also have some handouts and some great ideas for you to start photographing!

Class is $129 but book with a friend and you each get $10 off!

Get more follow through by signing up to be a VIP member! VIP members get exclusive access to my Workshop Photography Group where I can give you more personalized feedback on your work! These groups are live for three months where you and other VIP members can help each other grow and learn AND you’ll get first notice when I open my Editing Class for Photoshop and Lightroom! Become a VIP member for $229. Sign up with a friend and do it for $199 each! The accountability in this group is amazing and it’s been great seeing my students’ progress.

(Interested in one-on-one mentorship? Email me for very select dates or small group landscape classes!)

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Beginner’s Photography Class $129

Beginner’s Photography Class – VIP Edition $229