Photography that shares the heart of your brand

Storytelling branding photography helps share who you are and who your business is with the world.

Every business has its own story, its own voice. Every small business owner is dedicating more than just hours to their job – they are dedicating everything they are, including the very definition of themselves.

It’s important to me to help other small businesses in their journey towards success. Let’s work together to get your story heard and to help others understand what makes you unique and how your story could be part of your consumer’s story.

Whether you are in Spokane or Washington or the greater Pacific Northwest, let’s figure out a way to share your story with your audience. Restauranteurs, stylists, massage specialists, writer, doctor, finance experts – we have a connection to our work and when we share that passion with others, we connect with them too.

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What is small business photography?

Small business photography takes my approach for documentary work and applies it to a business. Documentary images help support the narrative you are trying to show and a good portrait helps put your best – and genuine – face forward.

Communicate What Your Business Does

A customized session for your business helps show clients what an experience with you is like, building trust and understanding. Help make sure your brand message comes across clearly.

More effectively market your brand on your Website / Social Media / Instagram / LinkedIn / Print Advertising/ Brochures / Business Cards / Inside your Business… anywhere you want your business seen!

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We start with a consult and then go from there. We’ll customize a session that is tailored to your business’s goals and marketing needs. 

Charlene of Badass Backyard Brewing
portrait of woman with dog in a park
boy and dad cooking Ben Greenfield Spokane Photographer
Mandy in her workspace
portrait of man by window
boozie brownie
bagels with dill, capers, tomatoes and radish
headshot of Dr LaSalle
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lemon crumble muffin