Swimming into Fall

I can’t believe how chilly it has gotten already. My car alerted me with a “Roads may be icy” warning this morning. I need to check the garden for frost-damaged fruits.
But luckily, we have access to an indoor pool. So hopefully the cold doesn’t stop us from getting our swim on this winter because it’s something everyone in the family enjoys together. I keep picturing the chattering of tiny teeth while trying to leave the pool and make it to the car in the snow and I’m praying the pool is well heated all winter or we’ll have to find a new hobby together.

Clint showed the kids how to do cannonballs. Now the kids shout, “Cannonball!” and jump in. They can’t quite grasp their legs in time before hitting the water though. And I’ve never actually heard Clint shout, “Cannonball!” so I wonder if this is an intrinsically natural thing to shout when doing these? Like as humans, when we curl into a ball and jump we just announce it naturally?

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cannonball jumps

boy jumping in water to his dad

boy's reflection underwater

boy underwater

hand reaching into the pool

girl sitting on side of pool

girl blow drying hair under hand dryer