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Spokane, WA and PNW


mom and son cuddling
A. Griffin

Margaret will give you family art, not just photos. We love our portraits- especially the perfect balance of posed shots and unposed moments (those our often our favorites). These are going to be family keepsakes forever. Thank you, Margaret.

mom and son walking and cuddling
G. Abdalluh

I do not possess enough words to say just how stunning, moving, and captivating Margaret’s photos are. When I opened the link she sent me of our family photos, I was smiling, reflecting on the moments captured. Before I knew it I was weeping. They are truly magnificent. Everyone should have the opportunity to have photos this stunning, at least once. Thank you for your work.

pregnant woman standing by window
A. Bachleda

If you would like to have stunning pictures, you should contact Margaret. She is a very talented photographer, who can capture beauty and the most important moments in her photos. I had the pleasure to work with her from time to time as a makeup artist. I have to admit that she is one of the best photographers I have been cooperating with. All the best for you Margaret and thank you .

editorial pose with couple
C. Leemon

Margaret Albaugh is a joy to work with! They make every effort possible to meet your families desires, whether it be on the photoshoot site or discussing needs over the phone, they've got you covered. My husband and I had the privilege of working with her in 2014 for a couples photo shoot. Margaret was pregnant at the time with their second child and just as willing to jump over fences, hike through vegetation littered with creepy crawlers and even post up on the side of a busy mountain road to help us capture the perfect shot! Needless to say, she was amazing out in the field! She knew exactly how to direct us and keep our flow natural in front of the camera. She created a comfortable environment and took her time with us. Her editing skills mixed with sheer talent, helped us to accomplish the right looks we were going for during our casual, vintage and playful shoots she had captured all in one day. We'll be hard pressed to find an amazing photographer like her in the future! If you haven't booked her already, just know that not only will you leave with your dream photos, you will have also gained a life long friend!

mom kissing daughter
N. Huntington

It might have taken me two years, but finally getting ready to hang some of my favorite family photos of all time!