I can hardly remember my summers as a kid. I remember climbing down to the creek. And I remember lazying about at home with my brothers, the AC off to save money while we melted outside and inside. But that’s about it.

So when I photographed the B family, I really wanted to make sure I documented it well for them. Since Brittany is a stay at home mom, I really wanted to make sure I photographed her days with them since she is considering going back to work. Raising four children is hard enough but doing it all day, every day is extremely hard. I think she deserved to have her hard work recognized as well.

The Doldrum Summer Days and Why They’re Important

There was nothing particularly stupendous about this day. Not big events, no grand milestones. Which I think made this day even more important. Summer days can easily run into one another, merging with no clear beginnings or ends when the sun is up early and stays until late. And little kids grow up so quickly but also undetected. At the beginning of the summer they’re one version of themselves and by the end, they’ve transformed, with summer bronzing their skin and adding a little more adventure into their lives. So for me, these regular-no-big-deal days are even more important to document. As summer turns to fall, a whole new kid will return to school.

So here they are, just a few favorites from my day with the B family.

kids jumping couches girl eating mom cutting food kids in costume baby in bath